Things We Saw Today: Pokémon Engagement Ring

Things We Saw Today
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Woo the Pokémon trainer o’ your heart with this ring by Arts & Gems. (Fashionably Geek)

  • You know the Kinsey Scale, right? It’s a measure of sexuality where you’re either zero (100% heterosexual), six (100% homosexual), or annnnnything in between. Cornell University’s Ritch Savin-Williams did a review of research on the ones—aka the “mostly heterosexual”s—and The Frisky has breakdown on what he found.
  • Constance Cooper writes about how she was in a bookstore with her eight year old daughter when said daughter saw a kid’s book series—How to Survive Anything—that’s incredibly sexist. Like the “Boys Only” books are about fighting crocodiles and avoiding polar bear attacks and the “Girls Only” books have subtitles like “How to Look Your Best For a Party” and “How to Pick Perfect Sunglasses.” So she complained to an employee and got the books pulled from the shelves. Go go tiny feminist crusader! (Boing Boing)

Edgar Wright tweeted the above photo proof that he’s gearing up for work on Ant-Man. As SuperHeroHype points out, this picture doesn’t necessarily mean the role’s been cast, because the anonymous man pictured could just be a superhero stand-in for a special effects test. But either way, it’s looking like more info on the Edgar Wright superhero movie (writing those words fills me with such glee) is nigh.

  • The World of Warcraft movie, titled simply Warcraft, has a release date: December 18, 2015. At least it’s not summer 2015. Studios are getting enough of my money then already. (Deadline)
  • When MythBusters‘ zombie-themed episode airs on October 17th at 10PM EST, Jamie, Adam, and the gang will have some help from The Walking Dead star Michael Rooker and executive producer Greg Nicotero. (TVLine)

There’s a poster for season two of Hannibal! And it’s incredibly creepy! Yaaaaaaay! (SciFiNow)

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