Things We Saw Today: NYCC’s Super Best Friends Forever Poison Ivy Exclusive

Things We Saw Today

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Stop by next month’s New York Comic Con to get DC Collectibles’ Poison Ivy exclusive. (Psst, and go to our panel while you’re there.)

The way objects (toys, clothes, books, etc) get attributed to one gender or the other is, generally speaking, ridiculous, but I think I’ve found the peak: Gendered eggs. The mind boggles. (Jezebel)

  • ABC is doing a modern-day drama set in a world where the colonies lost the Revolutionary War. Mmm, mmm, mmm. I do love some alternate history. Deadline
  • … and FX is doing an American Psycho TV show, where Patrick Bateman is in his 50s and has taken on a protégé a part of a “sadistic social experiment” (/Film)

Hillary Clinton tweeted at J.K. Rowling. So that’s pretty cool. (Jezebel)

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