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Things We Saw Today: In a Bad Spot? Try Praying to Saint Jareth

Things We Saw Today

This Jareth/David Bowie prayer candle is by Etsy seller Greaser Creatures, who’s also sanctified Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Elvira, and more.

  • The Frisky tells us that the Obama administration is holding a private conference next month to discuss issues facing the bisexual community. The Human Rights Campaign’s Michael Cole-Schwartz, who plans to participate, says “It’s a testament to this administration that they are focusing on all elements of the LGBT community and they should be applauded for hosting an event focused on some of the specific issues impacting bisexual people.” I’m clapping!
  • The fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie has the most predictable subtitle ever: Dead Men Tell No Tales. (Digital Spy)

This is one impressive Saga tat. (Fashionably Geek)

  • High school math teacher Dan Anderson conducted a scientific study on Double Stuf Oreos. His findings? They only have 1.86 times the cream of a regular Oreo. We’ve all been lied to! (Neatorama)
  • Hey, Welcome to Night Vale fans. Here’s something odd: BuzzFeed did an interview with Cecil Baldwin, a.k.a. the Voice of Night Vale, in which he talks about Intern Dana, Hiram McDaniels, and the glow cloud. ALL HAIL THE GLOW CLOUD.

The Princess and the Frog‘s Tiana is coming to life courtesy of Jennifer Hudson and an Annie Leibovitz photo shoot. Check out Styleite for more behind-the-scenes pics.

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