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Things We Saw Today: Professor Xavier’s Circus Of The Uncanny

Things We Saw Today

Artist Curtis Tiegs gives us a look at how those with the X-gene might have made a living in the 1800s, when not fighting crime of course. (via Neatorama)

  • The Frisky has some advice for HelloFlo, the company behind the adorable Camp Gyno Commercial, regarding their emphasis on “discretion” in their other advertising.
  • Check out the Kickstarter for Comics Undressed. The film is currently under production by Chicago collective The Ladydrawers to “portray the underlying forms of discrimination that impact representations of women, queers, trans folk, non-binary gender people, and people of color” in the comics industry.
  • What if a video game focused on a character shopping for the right bra, with all the frustrations that can go along with the experience? Writer Jenn Frank has started Boob Jam, a discussion of breasts in video games and in real life that places everyday experiences in the context of video games to demystify mammaries. (via Rock Paper ShotGun)

Tumblr user Bonnef has made the gif above to give you an easy reference for the ages of original and rebooted Star Trek characters. Apparently everyone else is younger and Hikaru Sulu has aged 10 years. Bonnef also created a height gif along the same lines. (via i09)

  • Meriadoc Brandybuck has a spider named after him, or at least actor Dominic Monaghan does. Ctenus monaghani was recently discovered in Laos, where Monaghan encountered the species while filming his television show, Wild Things. Fortunately for all of us, the spider is not quite as large as Shelob. (via Digital Spy)
  • Once Upon a Time has cast Rose McIver as its Tinkerbell for an upcoming season that will find the cast in Neverland. (via TV Guide)

Twitter user @bump_take disguised a cat as Totoro, laughing in the face of those who might ask, “wouldn’t the Catbus make more sense?” The results are adorable. (via Kotaku)

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