Things We Saw Today: When AT-AT’s Crash A Jedi’s Wedding

Things We Saw Today
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Photo editor Steven Kowalski altered this wedding photo for newlyweds Mindy and John to feature AT-AT’s approaching the couple as they stand arm in arm, prepared to defend their wedding. (via The Frisky)

  • Rose Byrne, of Bridesmaids and X-Men: First Class, is in talks to take the role of Grace, Jamie Foxx‘s assistant, in the Annie remake. (via Digital Spy)
  • ‘Female’ Chromosome May Play Unexpected Role in Male Biology: Scientists studying repeated base sequences in the X chromosome have discovered that many of these sequences contain information that only comes into play in cells that will become sperm.(via Wired)

Artist Elizabeth Simins and game critic Cara Ellison provide us with a look at the lives of the Haters online who treat hating is a full time job. Check out the full comic at Kotaku.

  • After years of considering Mjölnir a pagan symbol, the United States army will finally allow soldiers to have the symbol of Thor placed on their gravestones. (via Bleeding Cool)
  • After Veronica Mars fans see more of Kristen Bell‘s plucky sleuth on the big screen, writer Rob Thomas says that the story will continue in book form. The first of two planned novels is expected to be released as soon as spring of 2014. (via The Hollywood Reporter)

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