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Things We Saw Today: Star Wars Breakfast Puns

Things We Saw Today

Reddit, via Geeks Are Sexy. Who would Leia be? Princess Leia Omeletta? Is a cinnamon bun reference too easy?

  • Squirrel experts at the Animal Clinic of Regina in Saskatchewan had to untangle the tails of six squirrels that got stuck together by tree sap. Yes, The Frisky has pictures.
  • The blue Power Ranger was apparently named after Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston. His last name, anyway. Yeah, I know, it’s weird but awesome. The Wrap has more on the unexpected Cranston/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers connection.
  • A bank in Florida was robbed by a man wearing a tan jumpsuit, sneakers… and an Iron Man mask. Deadline has video. Tony, don’t you have enough money?

Creator Chris Balcombe has named this Dalek flower planter “Ex-Germinate.” Ah, Doctor Who puns. They never get Oold. (Nerd Approved)

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