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Things We Saw Today: Godzilla Being A Gentleman

Things We Saw Today

Who knew Godzilla had it in him? And here we thought he was all STOMP STOMP GRRRRRR! (via Blastr) Hit the jump for all the other stuff we saw online today. 

  • Looks like Godzilla could teach some folks a thing or two. I documented my own experience trying out for the AMC reality show Comic Book Men (and my distaste for the apparent new direction of the show) starring Kevin Smith and friends on Newsarama, but a woman (and friend of mine) who was actually chosen for the pilot has been speaking out about her own experience with the show. Zoë A. Gulliksen discusses on her blog how cast member and Secret Stash employee Walt Flanagan yelled at her after she showed up in a comic costume the producers asked her to wear. “Walt berated me, saying what I was wearing was inappropriate and sluttish,” she writes. “On camera I was nearly in tears because I did not understand what was happening. I was only doing what the producers had me do, and yet I was being yelled at.” Read the entire post, it’s enlightening to both human behavior and reality TV.
  • Here’s a great piece by iFanboy writer Jim Mroczkowski who discusses his young daughter, her love of superhero characters and his frustrating finding something appropriate with them for her to read.

This is a precious Avengers Art Appreciation cover for Incredible Hulk #7 by Stuff of Legend artist Charles Paul Wilson III. (via Mastering The List)

  • Remember when we brought you news that actress Lily Collins was taking the lead role of Ash in the Evil Dead remake? She is no longer attached due to scheduling issues according to The Film Stage.
  • We also recently told you ex-Doctor Who show runner Russel T. Davies was doing a new show for the BBC called Aliens vs. Wizards. It was described as a cross between Doctor Who and Harry Potter. Now we’ve got an actual plot description. You can read it an Pajiba. Sounds fun!

Here is a Batman husband so you can pretend Batman is your husband. (via Comics Alliance)

  • This may be the best comment left on the internet ever. It involved politics and Game of Thrones and humor. (via Jezebel)
  • Zelda Universe has information on music books you can use to learn video game songs. Titles include Super Mario Series for GuitarSuper Mario Series for PianoSuper Mario Series for Easy Piana, and The Legend of Zelda Series for Piano. (via Susana’s mom. Yes, really.)

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