Things We Saw Today: Ziggy Potter, the Boy Who Played Guitar

Things We Saw Today
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Designed by Evan Ferstenfeld and Enkel Dika, available for purchase in shirt form over yonder. Nobody tell Ron about the spiders from Mars. (Fashionably Geek)

  • The Arkansas State Senate passed a bill that, if it makes it though the House of Representatives, will get rid of the state’s sex education program. That’s because said program is paid for by Planned Parenthood, and the Arkansas Senate really doesn’t want to give any grants to an organization that provides abortion care, even if the grants to be cut go toward something the state should be paying for its own darn self and have nothing to do with abortion anyway. (The Frisky)
  • Via blastr, “Wait, did Edgar Wright just tell us Ant-Man is in Iron Man 3?” That theory about the Wasp showing up in IM3 just got slightly more credible.

Technically speaking these Beets headphones are a parody of Dr. Dre’s Beats heaphones, but I prefer to think of them as unofficial Doug merchandise. (“Aiiii-eeee-yooooou, killer tofuuuuuu!“) (Gizmodo)

Iain Heath made a space kraken attacking a Super Star Destroyer out of LEGO. Paging J.J. Abrams. I require a space kraken in Episode VII. (Nerd Approved)

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