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Things We Saw Today: Super-Batman Is My New Favorite Superhero

Things We Saw Today

Faster than a… speeding… Batarang? This shirt was found in a shop in India. The caption reads “man behind brief and mask!!” (FashionablyGeek)

  • Grumpy Cat did a Harlem Shake video. Even if you’re sick of those (I figure most of us are by now, right?), you should watch this one. (The Frisky)
  • Ray Cusick, the British production designer who designed the Daleks, passed away last Thursday. He was 82. AP-PRE-CI-ATE. (Deadline)
  • Election genius Nate Silver has used the power of math to predict the winners at tonight’s Oscars. Short version: Argo for Best Picture, Steven Spielberg for Best Director, Daniel Day-Lewis for Best Actor, Jennifer Lawrence for Best Actress, Tommy Lee Jones for Best Supporting Actor, and Anne Hathaway for Best Supporting Actor. Check out his methodology over at Five Thirty Eight. (CinemaBlend)
  • For what it’s worth, New York City taxi drivers think Jessica Chastain has Best Actress in the bag. (Movieline)

A new Mondo poster for ParaNorman by DKNG. Check out Olly MossLes Misérables and Laurent Durieux‘s The Master over at Collider.

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