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Things We Saw Today: Play a Nice, Calming Game of War With These Game of Thrones Playing Cards

Things We Saw Today


By Paul Nojima. Check out some close-ups at Nerd Approved.

  • The Frisky has comedian Samantha Martin, playing Anne Hathaway, singing the Girl Meets World theme song à la Les Misérables. Just go with it.
  • And speaking of Les Misérables, its cast will take part in a segment honoring the resurgence of the movie musical at this Sunday’s Oscars, because if there’s an awards show that Hugh Jackman‘s attending you can be darn sure he’ll sing there. (Deadline)
  • China Miéville, Kim Stanley Robinson, Holly Black, The Avengers, Beasts of the Southern Wild, The Hunger Games, and The Cabin in the Woods are among the nominees at this year’s Nebula Awards. Check out the entire list at io9.

This Jurassic Park poster by Mark Englert is only on sale today, 2/20, so head over to his BigCartel page posthaste if you want to snag a limited-edition print. (Collider)

  • Sister site Geekosystem has a livestream of what is likely to be Sony’s PlayStation 4 announcement, starting at 5:30pm EST.
  • The Hairpin provides us with a hilarious series of Texts from Pride and Prejudice. Hey, did you know that the military was walking around in Milton looking all snazzy in their uniforms because there was a huge war going on? (Note the sarcasm, please.)

Here’s our first look at Jeff’s estranged father William (James Brolin) from the March 7th episode of Community (which is the Thanksgiving episode because, lest we forget, NBC delayed season four by several months). EW has two more pictures and a bit more info on the upcoming family reunion.
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