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Things We Saw Today: Spider-Man Sneaks Into a Wedding Cake

Things We Saw Today

Redditor PoliticalMilkman posted this picture of his cousin’s wedding cake. She and/or her husband are apparently quite the couple of Spider-fans. Is that him peeking over the groom’s shoulder, too? Click here to embiggen. (Neatorama)

  • The Associated Press recently clarified how journalists should refer to same-sex married couples or those in same-sex civil unions, making it so the words “husband” and “wife” are OK to use only if part of a quote. Even though, y’know, members of married same-sex couples actually are husbands and wives. The AP (rightly) got some flack and changed their guidelines shortly thereafter, but as The Frisky‘s Sarah Gray notes, their new version is messed up, too.
  • Sandra Bullock is set to voice world domination-obsessed supervillain Scarlet Overkill in Despicable Me spinoff Minions. (Deadline)
  • Former Westboro Captist Church members Megan Phelps and her sister Grace Phelps-Roper, granddaughters of group leader Fred Phelps, recently quit the WBC and severed all ties with them. They opened a statement explaining why they left with a Catwoman quote from The Dark Knight Rises. (Nerd Bastards)

Published on BuzzFeed with the title “How Does The Flash Meet Women?” I see what you did there.

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