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Things We Saw Today: Mutant Disney Princesses

Things We Saw Today

Amy Mebberson never ceases to amaze us with her Disney/comic book combos! Here are her Mutant Princesses featuring Tiana as Storm, Belle as Rogue and Ariel as Scarlet Witch. Hit the jump for some other fun stuff we saw today! 

  • In SOPA news, someone has started a tumblr/petition site for fans angry with seeing Marvel Entertainment listed as a supporter of the legislation. It’s called Dear Marvel…and it simply states, “I strongly disagree with SOPA and ask that you withdraw your support of the bill.”
  • This is interesting. First of all, I had no idea Being Human star Sam Witwer was the zombie soldier in the tank in AMC’s The Walking Dead. Second, he just revealed there was supposed to be a whole prequel with his character that wound up never happening because Frank Darabont left the show. You may remember Witwer also had a role in Darabont’s The Mist. (via Daily Blam)
  • In super cool comic news, Taco Bell is now offering Katie Cook’s Fraggle Rock comics. I suddenly feel a craving for a chicken burrito. (via Comics Alliance)

Speaking of fast food, a chain called Quick from France has created two new Star Wars themed hamburgers. May the fries be with you. (via Daily What)

  • In other Fry news, Stephen Fry and 7th Doctor Sylvester McCoy have recorded a Doctor Who skit. We think this was a wonderful idea. Give it a listen at Shadow Locked.
  • Kanye West may be the creative director of The Jetson’s movie. No, seriously. (via Collider)

This is a birdhouse for bats. A bathouse, if you will. (via Super Punch)

  • You might want to think about supporting Organ Trail: The Directors Cut, the Oregon Trail zombie spoof. (via Wired)
  • Yesterday, the worlds oldest twins, Ena Pugh and Lily Millward, celebrated their 102 birthday! What do you give the centenarian that has everything? A copy of the Guinness Book of World Records with their entry, of course! (via Yahoo)

And finally today, a Mario Bros. Bullet Bill mixer. And it’s even better because it was a Christmas present. (via Kotaku)

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