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Things We Saw Today: Empire Magazine‘s Man of Steel Cover

Things We Saw Today


Please tell me I’m not the only one reminded of Rob Liefeld‘s bulbous-chested Captain America here. Just a little bit, for just a second. It’s the angle! You can see two more pics—one of Jor-El, one of General Zod—at /Film.

Fans of Tom Hiddleston, WeLoveFine loves you, too: They’ve partnered with Project Wendy and Hiddlestoners Have Heart to raise money for UNICEF UK by selling the two t-shirts seen above. Find out more here.

This Sunday marks the biggest, best, most important sporting event of 2012: The Puppy Bowl. Animal Planet familiarizes us with the lineup with this series of videos. I dare you to watch without grinning. (The Hairpin)

It’s not an easy thing to rinse the foul taste of Glee‘s statutory rape episode out of your mouth, but if you stare at this Jedi Guinea Pig for a while your blood pressure might at least go down a bit:

By Lesley DeSantis (WhenGuineaPigsFly on Etsy), via Neatorama.

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