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Things We Saw Today: You Can Own King Robert’s Warhammer From Game of Thrones

Things We Saw Today

An officially licensed prop created by Valyrian Steel, this warhammer replica is 44″ long, weighs 10 pounds, and comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by George R.R. Martin. The word warhammer is not, as Nerd Approved points out, a euphemism, so take your Dr. Horrible jokes elsewhere. (Actually, no, feel free to leave that joke in the comments.)

  • With the Newark Police Department, mayor Cory Booker (the mayor you wish your mayor could be like) has launched the Caliber Collection: Steel and brass bracelets made out of melted-down firearms and shell cases collected by the city as part of their gun buyback program. Writes The Frisky, “Each of the handmade bracelets (which are surprisingly lovely) are etched with the serial number of the gun it used to be, along with the word “Newark.””
  • Natalie Zutter of writes that TBS’ reality show King of the Nerds isn’t the pustulent ball of nerdsploitation many (myself and Natalie included) assumed it would be. Actually, it’s quite good. Huh. I did not see that coming.
  • Former Batgirl writer Bryan Q. Miller is crowdfunding Earthward, an “all-ages adventure graphic novel” that he describes as “Goonies in Space.” Check out the preview video (and donate if you so choose) at its Kickstarter page. (via DC Women Kicking Ass)

This Death Star piñata’s fatal flaw is more than just a single solitary thermal exhaust port. (by Etsy seller outofthisworldpinata, via So Geek Chic)

  • Via The Daily DotBobak Ferdowsi, the be’mowhawk’d NASA employee-turned-meme, will be in attendance at President Obama‘s inaugural parade, along with a few other NASA scientists and a full-scale model of the Curiosity rover.
  • Ricky Gervais, who’s playing the (human) lead in the sequel to The Muppets, spoke about being in the movie: “I’m in awe of The Muppets. I’ve loved them for like 35 years and I met Elmo and that was a highlight. I actually can’t wait, I’m really excited – I’m just genuinely like a child. I was there yesterday on set and honestly I’m like an 8-year-old at Christmas! I love it.” I think it’s safe to say we’d all have that reaction. I once met Eric Jacobson, who does the puppeteering for Grover, at a con. I couldn’t stop smiling for an hour. (via Digital Spy)

Some dude named Alex Jones rants about nerds, calling them (well, us) “one of the most dangerous groups in this country.” BoingBoing points out that this video is from 2011, and I have no idea of the context, but… look. It’s only 19 seconds long. It’s hilarious. Just watch it.

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