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Things We Saw Today: Kamala Khan Overcomes Bullies and Villains in Fan Film


It’s no secret that TMS loves Kamala Khan: Marvel’s most important superhero in these tough, xenophobic times, a character who provides a model for other comic books and whose image has been used to fight Islamophobia and raise money for the ACLU. So I couldn’t stop smiling when I saw this awesome live-action fan film in which Kamala fights both supervillains and school bullies. Plus, Anita Kalathara makes such a brave, lovable Kamala. Watch for the joy of the fan film and the rage of asking yourself, “Why hasn’t Marvel given this character a movie yet?” (via Nerdist)

  • Dreams do come true! Ten years ago, American Corey Bunnell asked for advice in a forum: he dreamed of working for Nintendo, and he wanted to know what practical steps he could achieve to accomplish that. Today, you can see him listed as a “wilfelife programmer” in the credits for Nintendo’s smash hit, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. (via Kotaku)
  • Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast broke a box office record on Friday. Raking in $63.8 million, it beat Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince‘s previous record for highest earnings in a single day for a PG film. Emma Watson starred in both films, so it looks like she’s the best-loved talent for moviegoers of all ages. (via MTV)
  • Gizmodo has published a summary of the debate over how drastically humans would have to alter their bodies and pschology to survive the journey to Mars–and life on the hostile planet afterwards.
  • Future Boyfriend, a short scifi film, explores the hazards of dating a time-traveler. (via io9)
  • Mark Hamill shared an image from the early days of Star Wars shooting which he said may be the very first Luke Skywalker pic. (via EW)

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