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Things We Saw Today: The X-Women

Things We Saw Today

X-Men? Try X-Women. By DeviantArtist Snareser. (Project: Rooftop)

  • Manhattan’s Ali Forney Center, a shelter for LGBTQ teenagers, was destroyed in Hurricane Sandy. Head to The Frisky to find out how you can help (and to read about the Bea Arthur connection).
  • Remember that time (about a week ago) when Matthew Vaughn dropped out of X-Men: Days of Future Past? We all thought it was because of his tendency to leave projects, but a rumor’s floating around that he abandoned the X-Men to direct Star Wars: Episode VII. Dun dun DUNNNNN. (/Film)
  • The New 52’s Justice League of America #1, out February 2013, will have 52 variant covers, one for each state plus Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. What, no Guam? (MTV Geek)

If you’re baking geeky cookies, you’ll need a geeky oven mitt. That’s just common sense. (That’s Nerdalicious)

  • Art for Sandy Relief is auctioning off comic art by Paolo Rivera, Tommy Lee Edwards, Tony Moore, John Paul Leon, and more to benefit the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Find out more at Comics Alliance.
  • Hey, guess who’s been added to the cast of Game of Thrones! That would be Will Champion, drummer for Coldplay. Something tells me your guess wasn’t correct. (Inside TV)

Paul Ryan saying something derisive about comic books is the news item here, but I’m more interested in the Twilight Zone political cartoon. It’s a cookbook! (Bleeding Cool)

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