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Things We Saw Today: Stranger Things + Perfect Strangers = Perfect Stranger Things, Of Course

Stranger Things, the spooky Netflix original series that has set the internet on fire lately, is designed to look like a quintessential piece of ’80s-era cinema. Meanwhile, Perfect Strangers actually is from that time period—although it’s a completely different genre of TV. Anyway, the title similarity and aesthetics are more than enough to make this mash-up a delight!

  • Speaking of Stranger Things, apparently it got rejected by TV networks at least 15 times before finally landing at Netflix streaming. Yeesh, what an uphill climb, huh?
  • The Olympics are gearing up, and even if sporting events aren’t your thing, you’ll doubtless be charmed by the members of the US Olympic Swim Team singing some carpool karaoke together.
  • The fine folks at Vintage Works modded a motorbike to make it look like a Star Wars speeder. It’s not quite perfect—shouldn’t it have food pedals?—but it looks super cool. Then again, that rider should be wearing a helmet. Those speeders are notoriously easy to crash! (via io9)
  • This gender-swapped Captain America cosplay by Hijabi Hooligan looks mighty cool, via Fashionably Geek!

  • Are you a fan of Patrick Ness’ Chaos Walking books? Guess what: Daisy Ridley has been tapped to star in an upcoming live-action adaptation.
  • Christopher Priest, the first black writer at DC and Marvel, has returned to the comics biz after taking an 11-year hiatus; io9 interviewed him about his work on a brand new Deathstroke title, which debuts next week.

What gems did you all find out there today?

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