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Things We Saw Today: Sherlock Clue(do), Creepy Singing Ewoks and a Flying Dragon (Of a Sorts)

Things We Saw Today

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Yes, this is real. Yes, you can buy it. (via Nerd Approved)

  • Keira Knightley outs herself as—gasp—a feminist. Elizabeth Bennet herself?! Perish the thought! (via The Frisky)

If you have $5,700 you can own your very own Dalek, made to the same specifications as the actual Daleks made by the BBC’s prop department. (via Geekologie)

  • The Wall Street Journal catches up with 18-year-old actor Alexander Gould, best known for two very different roles—Weeds‘ Shane Botwin and Finding Nemo‘s eponymous adorable clownfish—in advance of Finding Nemo 3-D‘s release. (via The Wall Street Journal)


Aw, you’re welcome, Milla. (via Twitter)

  • Dragon Age 3: Inquisition, consider yourself officially announced. The third chapter in Bioware’s award-winning RPG franchise will be out in late 2013, which is still over a year sooner than Avengers 2. (Sorry.) (via The Daily Blam!)

Scientists name a new type of wasp after Lady Gaga. Just what it says on the tin. (via Death and Taxes)

  • Chris Evans is “dreading” getting back into Captain America’s spandex when Captain America 2: Winter Soldier starts filming in March—but worry not, it’s just the bulking up he needs to do beforehand that he’s not looking forward to. “It’s months and months of lifting heavy stuff… It’s such a commitment, top-to-bottom, it’s not just lifting, sleep is important, your diet is important.” Can’t say we blame ya, Chris. (via Blastr)

On a break from filming The Hobbit, Benedict Cumberbatch goes skydiving. Well, he is playing Smaug… (via Digital Spy)

  • The Atlantic takes us back to 1982, when businessmen were wary of the brand new piece o’ technology called the laptop because—no joke—it had a keyboard and was therefore associated with secretarial work and (oh no) women.

To boldly bake what no one has baked before.. (Star Trek cookie cutters, via That’s Nerdalicious)

That’s OK, I didn’t need to sleep tonight. (via Geeks Are Sexy)

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