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Things We Saw Today: A Steampunk Portal Gun

Things We Saw Today

Duncan Shirah made a Steampunk Portal gun. Now I want a Steampunk Companion Cube. Make it happen, people. (via Nerd Approved

ModCloth is selling some very Poison Ivy-esque tights. I’d wear them. If I were willing to pay $33 for a pair of tights. Which I’m not. (via Comics Alliance)

  • This is one of the greatest email exchanges I’ve ever read. Redditor aesterios saw a job listing on Craiglist for someone who had experience with the program Magento. So he applied as “Scott Summers” and told them how much experience he had with “Magneto.” Needless to say, the responder wasn’t a comic fan. Hilarity ensued. Read the email chain here.

OMG! Someone caught and skinner the Abominable Snowman and Elmo!!!! (via io9)

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