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Things We Saw Today: Monopoly Meets Arkham Asylum

Things We Saw Today

For sale today on ShirtPunch. I’d totally buy it if it wasn’t obnoxious orange but now I really want DC to put out a DCU version of Monopoly. (via Jen Grünwald)

  • Anna David talks about how Reality Bites completely screwed up her perception of dating and relationships at The Frisky.
  • Jamal Igle (Supergirl artist) is very close to making his Kickstarter goal for Molly Danger, an all-ages comic about a 10-year-old superheroine.
  • Hasbro and Barnes & Noble have made an exclusive deal to sell ebook versions of My Little Pony on their Nook. (via Media Bistro)

A shoulder bag made out of a real (non-working hopefully) Nintendo console. (via Fashionably Geek)

  • There’s a tumblr called Big Girl Geek that showcases geek wear for, you guessed it, bigger women. Some really cute stuff is one there!
  • An American Film Institute scholarship fund is being set up by the family of the late Tony Scott, “to help encourage and engage future generations of filmmakers.” (via The Hollywood Reporter)
  • MTV Geek wonders, Is Rob Liefeld the Charlie Sheen of Comic Books?

The BBC shows us artists Sue Austin’s underwater wheelchair. Austin created it as part of a performance for the Cultural Olympiad celebrations. “The model is powered by two dive propulsion vehicles and steered with a bespoke fin and foot-operated acrylic strip,” writes the BBC. (via Tipster Warren)

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