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Things We Saw Today: Digital Spy Lists the 10 Most Expensive Movie Flops of All Time


2017 has not been a good year for movies. While there have been some that have gone beyond expectations like It, Thor: Ragnarok, and Wonder Woman there was also Blade Runner 2049, Justice League and most films that came out in October that have now been forgotten. Digital Spy put together a list of the top 10 most expensive movie flops ever and while the new Blade Runner isn’t on the list, the numbers are still really bad. At #10 is The Adventures of Pluto Nash with a $96 million loss and #1 is King Arthur: Legend of the Sword with a loss of $150 million. The rest of the list is equally as cringe-worthy and should be checked out. (via Digital Spy)

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  • Speaking of Justice League, the petition to get a “director’s cut” of a Synder-only version of the film has reached over 100k signatures. As a wise musical once sang to me “wishes come true/not free.” Careful what you ask for kids. (via CBR)
  • CBR has also released a fun collection of mistakes made in Marvel’s Netflix Shows. So you are finally catching up on The Punisher or trying for the 10th time to watch Iron Fist (love yourself) you can fact check some details. (via CBR)
  • All of the deals for toys taking place right now for Black Friday, including the Gal Gadot & Steve Pine Wonder Woman Barbie dolls. Believe it or not, they’ve really captured Pine’s smoldering eyes. (via i09)

What are you binge watching right now as you online shop?

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