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Things We Saw Today: The Official Muppets Poster is Filled With Joy

Things We Saw Today

It’s just so delightful! (At Pajiba)

  • Summer’s Eve has pulled those really strange and kinda racist talking-hand-vagina commercials from circulation. We’d like to think it was because they truly realized the error of their ways, but it was probably just because Stephen Colbert made fun of them on national television and the internet really liked that. (At Jezebel)
  • A Tumblr entitled “Boobs Don’t Work That Way” exists, and it is exquisite. (At Boobs Don’t Work That Way)
  • Here is a review of the Wonder Woman pilot. (At Thanley)

Look at this Doctor Who LEGO set! LOOK AT IT! It’s adorable! (At Look At This Frakking Geekster)

Almost all advice I’ve sought about aquiring a job has somehow included something along the lines of “Get their ATTENTION.” When Erin Michael Vondrak really wanted a job at Valve but found her resume un-responded-to, she submitted this song to them. We really, really hope they hire her. (At Geekosystem)

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