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7 Things We Would Like to See Thrown Through a Jet Engine

Planes, and their engines, go through a ton of testing prior to ever actually being in the air. How else do you figure out if, for example, it can withstand a barrage of a dozen or so geese slamming into it at high speed? Even so, jet engines are typically only tested for a specific set of conditions that it might encounter out in the wild. These are extreme, sure, but we can’t help but wish they’d get a little more, shall we say, creative in their endeavors. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of things we’d really like to be sent through a jet engine. For science, of course.

For an example of exactly what a jet engine’s actually put through, here’s some of what GE puts their engines through at their Winnipeg testing facility: They use sevens fans directed at the engine. That’s 2,800 pounds of cold air per second. Add to that 125 high-power hoses blasting thousands of gallons of water. This is at the same time, mind you. In order to meet regulation, engines have to pass this test at both idling and take-off speeds. That’s the kind of intense conditions they must survive.

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