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Thing We Saw Today: Wait, There Are Two ‘Clue’ Projects in the Works?!

Most of Clue cast from 1985. Image: Paramount Pictures.

Since February of 2020, we’ve known that Ryan Reynolds was attached to a project based on the very popular Hasbro game, and (even more so loved) movie, Clue. Reynolds and James Bobin (of 2011’s The Muppets and Flight of the Concords fame) are set to produce and direct, respectively, and news broke earlier this month that co-screenwriter for The Lost City, Oren Uziel, is overhauling the script for Paramount (ViacomCBS). But this week, sleuth-lovers got more exciting news, there’s a whole other take on Clue coming from Fox, too!

Fox Studios (under Disney) tapped Brooklyn-99 and The Amber Ruffin Show writer Dewayne Perkins to write and co-produce this version alongside producer Tim Story. Unlike the Paramount movie (in which we don’t know if it’s a remake or a new take), this Fox version is an animated series based on Clue. Because of how devalued and disrespected animation is in Hollywood, I never actively hope for a reimagining to be animated because I don’t want to be let down. So, a project like this is an exciting surprise!

In case you were wondering, this is not a Disney versus Netflix versus Lionsgate situation—like what’s happening with Pinocchio. Where the story of Pinocchio is based on an 1880s novel by Enrico Mazzanti and illustrated by Carlo Collodi, Clue (Cludeo) is not in the public domain yet, as it was created during World War II. Clue’s re-entrance into the land of IP films comes at a time when we are getting more toy adaptations (like Gerwig’s Barbie) and as whodunnits are getting a second wind.

(via Deadline, featured image: Paramount Pictures.)

Here are some other bits of news out there:

  • Speaking of Disney’s Pinocchio, the second trailer was just released! (via YouTube)
  • Tucker Carlson has mixed opinions on fascist leadership depending on who’s saying it. (via Kat Abu)
  • Students at liberal arts college, Oberlin, will likely lose access to contraceptives and trans healthcare as student health services shifts to a clergy-backed provider. (via The Chronicle)
  • Poison Ivy gifts medical marijuana (or “cut grass” for some non-U.S. readers) to a friend in need. (via Bleeding Cool)

What did you see out there today Mary Suevians?

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