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What if These 8 Original Netflix Series Were Turned Into Legos?

Toss a Lego to your Witcher!

Lego Witcher

I’ve always wondered, while binge-watching series on Netflix way past my bedtime, what some of these worlds would look like if they were turned into, oh I dunno, Lego blocks?

Okay, I’m being a bit cheeky here, but every time I see a new project from TheToyZone I’m simultaneously impressed with their commitment to doing these builds, and upset because I can’t put them on my own kitchen table. I still think about their Disney Villain Polly Pocket sets.

This time the team has picked 8 different Netflix original series to play with. Each Lego-ized recreation either depicts an iconic scene from a show or captures the general vibe of the series. The sets, some of which you’d be urged to toss a coin to, and others making me feel very bad for the big cats stuck with a Joe or Carol, include all the necessary parts to tell a story via lego blocks. This includes characters, dojos, animals, and plenty of chess pieces.

The nice thing about TheToyZone fan projects is that they’ll break down how they went about creating these elaborate models.

Our designer for this project was Roman Ramirez. Roman’s first step was to create the scene using Studio 2.0 software, which includes a complete library of all Lego pieces, colors, shapes, patterns, and other details. These pieces are assembled using grids, so we can be sure that the pieces will be able to connect in the real world with official Lego pieces.

For the next step, Roman exported these elements to specialized 3D software to debug and detail the 3D models, and to create the objects that could not be found in the Studio 2.0 library. Once each model had the right shape and proportion, Roman created the clothing texture with a program specialized in vector design, then integrated the texture into the designs. When the textures and figures have the right appearance, Roman places the virtual camera carefully to match the depth blur, shot angle, and camera lens from the original Netflix image.

As the final step, Roman created the renders and exported them to a photo retouching program to correct the photo filters, image temperature, white correction, contrast, and image clarity.

While this breaks down the programs that were used, the group has also taken it a step further. For this project they laid out the number of bricks you’ll need and the cost of them, complete with a link to the site where they get the bricks: BrickLink. They do note that the prices of the bricks can vary, day to day, depending on the seller, even so, you could technically attempt to make these detailed Lego sets yourself with lego blocks.

I choose to live vicariously through pictures, which you can check out below!

  • The Queen’s Gambit (Doubled Pawns)

Queens Gambit

Lego Queens Gambit

19 types of brick
214 bricks in total
Cost of bricks: $76.62

  • Tiger King (Playing with Fire)

Tiger King

Lego Tiger King

142 types of brick
1380 bricks in total
Cost of bricks: $839.92

  • The Crown (Gold Stick)

The Crown

Lego The Crown

122 types of brick
2921 bricks in total
Cost of bricks: $989.79

  • The Witcher (Of Banquets, Bastards and Burials)

The Witcher

Lego Witcher

131 types of brick
1832 bricks in total
Cost of bricks: $680.80

  • Russian Doll (Nothing in This World Is Easy and again and again)

Russian Doll

Lego Russian Doll

72 types of brick
407 bricks in total
Cost of bricks: $53.04

  • Bridgerton (Diamond of the First Water)


Lego Bridgerton

81 types of brick
2142 bricks in total
Cost of bricks: $464.85

  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Chapter Eleven: A Midwinter’s Tale)

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Lego Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

167 types of brick
933 bricks in total
Cost of bricks: $287.30

  • Cobra Kai (Quiver)

Cobra Kai

Lego Cobra Kai

167 types of brick
933 bricks in total
Cost of bricks: $125.85

I am quite fond of the fireworks for the Bridgerton set, the dojo for Cobra Kai, and the lego tiger for Tiger King (run away, lego tiger, get as far away from that man as you can!). Which of these Lego-inspired sets is your favorite? Which series would you like to see get the Lego treatment? And, most importantly, are you gonna try and recreate any of these yourself?

Be sure to check out more of TheToyZone via their website, Twitter, or Instagram!

(Image: TheToyZone)

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