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Itty Bitty Disney Villainy Is the Pocket-Sized Aesthetic I Didn’t Know I Needed

Tiny mirror on the wall, who's the evilest of them all?


TheToyZone recreates 6 Disney Villain lairs

Who knew evil could fit at the bottom of a purse? Apparently, the folks over at TheToyZone did.

A review site that’s set out to help find that absolutely perfect toy, the team also seems to specialize in having imaginative takes on classic media. Such is the case with their Polly Pocket series of toys that are, unfortunately, not available for purchase. Guess I made room on my desk for nothing, but at least I can still marvel at the creativity via computer screen.

After creating 6 Polly Pocket style models based on iconic fictional homes, the team has moved on to the poor unfortunate souls of Disney. While there’s been plenty of miniature love for Disney princesses over the years, TheToyZone crew noticed a lack of villainous pocketry and decided to do something about it. Their art director (Povilas) worked with CGI artist Jan Koudela to come up with the concept and bring it to life. We got to check out the concept art for turning some of Disney’s greatest foes into pocket-sized toys.

Concept art for TheToyZone's Disney Villain Polly Pocket

Concept art for TheToyZone's Disney Villain Polly Pocket

Concept art for TheToyZone's Disney Villain Polly Pocket

These are some good choices when it comes to Disney adversaries, both in the category of “absolute deviousness” and “fun environments to mess around with.” From the concept art, we can see that the team not only took the inside of the lairs into account but the outside as well. Each one is a unique shape to further illustrate the character’s motif, from Sticky Pete’s lunchbox to the Evil Queen’s heart box.

And what do the finished products look like, you ask?

TheToyZone recreates the Evil Queen's lair with Polly Pocket

TheToyZone recreates Ursula's lair with Polly Pocket

TheToyZone recreates Stinky Pete's lair with Polly Pocket

TheToyZone recreates Captain Hook's ship with Polly Pocket

TheToyZone recreates Maleficent's home with Polly Pocket

TheToyZone recreates Cruella De Vil's home with Polly Pocket

Every villain needs a good base of operations and TheToyZone did NOT disappoint. Not only have these 6 villain home bases been meticulously recreated, so have their respective characters! I wasn’t ready for the tiny Cruella De Vil and that fur coat of hers.

Some of my favorite details include the boot lamp in Stinky Pete’s space and, well, this hurts my animal-loving heart to say, but the Dalmation blanket in Cruella De Vil’s home (sorry puppers!). I’m also completely in LOVE with Ursula’s look and would create an entire underwater bathroom motif just to set it on my vanity (note: I do not have a vanity, but Ursula would require one).

After seeing these I can’t help but hope that TheToyZone creates even more of these. I’d DIE for a Scar, a Dr. Facilier, and the Queen of Hearts, please.

You can check out what the team is up to through Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

(Image: TheToyZone)

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