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The Wolverine Gets Script Rewrites

And So It Begins

So here’s how Hollywood is eroding out optimism today: Mark Bomback, scribe behind Live Free or Die Hard, The Race to Witch Mountain, and the Totall Recall remake has been called in to work on the script for The Wolverine.

Ok, look, The Wolverine. I’m not asking much from you. I’m already one of the tiny minority who actually enjoyed Wolverine: Origins, solely because I was expecting it to be exactly what it was: scenes of Hugh Jackman cutting people into tiny pieces with the barest of plot threads stringing them together.

So I’m down, totally down, for watching exactly the same movie set in Japan. And when Darren Aronofsky was set to direct, I thought to myself: Wow! This might actually stand a chance of being a good movie instead of just an entertaining one! Then he dropped out, due to scheduling concerns, but reiterated that the script was sound and he was sure the project would work out.

Ok, I thought, if Darren Aronofsky likes the script, the movie will still probably be pretty good. But now, with the start of filming pushed to 2012, The Wolverine is undergoing script rewrites. I guess I should have seen this coming. There is no way to know if Bomback is simply altering the script to make it work with production changes, or doing a big rewrite, but ScreenRant has some theories on what a full rewrite for the movie might mean:

If we assume that he is doing a fairly extensive rewrite of The Wolverine – and not just polish work or altering the setting of certain scenes, to accommodate the changes in production locale – then it makes sense to assume that Fox brought him onboard to up the action ante and add some additional material that features Wolvie clashing with deadly ninjas or wrecking havoc on his surroundings. That would be kind of a disappointment, if true – especially for the fans who were hoping for more of a cerebral and gritty Wolverine sequel

FINE, The Wolverine. I’ll continue to not ask too much from you, other than that you have adamantium claws, Hugh Jackman and some Yakuza.

(via Screenrant.)

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