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The Wolverine Has A Director

Mutatis Mutandis

Good news for Hugh Jackman, and his tireless upkeep of museum quality abs: The Wolverine has finally found a director.

20th Century Fox has tapped James Mangold, a director with quite a number of genres under his belt, from Girl, Interrupted to Knight and Day, Walk the Line to 3:10 to Yuma.

So, getting that kind of experience behind a flick that is a superehero film, a period piece, a foreign setting, and a journey of some kind of discovery (Japan is considered to be where Wolverine starting learning to fight for reals, instead of just clawing his way out of his problems, it’s also where he found a woman to love, fathered a kid, and hung out with Muramasa), sound like it will work. Maybe he’s not as big a name as Darren Aronofsky, but it seems like choosing a director that isn’t just an “action” director or a “superhero” director or a “drama” director is keeping the film in the right place.

Deadline says that negotiations have not finished yet, but that Mangold is definitely on the job, with filming set to begin in the fall.

(via Deadline.)

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