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Walk With Me: The Cast of The West Wing Reunites For Wonderful PSA About Walking [Video]

Just What You've Always Wanted

Well, this is one of the best things on the internet today. That is, if you’re a certifiable Wingnut, or a devoted fan of The West Wing. Most of the cast reunited — Allison Janney, Josh Malina, Dulé Hill, Melissa Fitzgerald, William Duffy, and the Prez himself, Martin Sheen — for this quick little PSA-slash-contest promoting the benefits of this newfangled exercise called “walking.” If you’ve ever seen an episode of The West Wing, you’ll know they do a lot of that, often while talking and passing along folders with mysterious, classified information in them.

All it was missing was Josh (Bradley Whitford) and Donna (Janel Moloney) banter. Here! I wrote some after jump.

Donna: Josh, I found your pedometer.
Josh: My what?
Donna: Your pedometer, it’s a thing that counts how many steps you’ve taken.
Josh: When did I get a pedometer?
Donna: It was a gift from… (opens mysterious folder) … a Miss Gloria Welldrop from Sioux City, Iowa. She cares about your health, Josh.
Josh: Donna, if Miss Gloria Welldrop cared about my health, she’d send me vitamins and Benadryl so I could sleep off whatever ails me.
Donna: I’ll leave the pedometer on your desk.
Josh: Good. I’ll throw it away later.
Donna: She cares about your health, Josh.

(via Funny or Die)

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