Makima staring out the window of a car in "Chainsaw Man"

The Strongest Devils In ‘Chainsaw Man’

While basic theology might lump devils, demons, and fiends all together, the discerning Chainsaw Man connoisseur understands that there are degrees of differences between the different species of hell-denizens and that there a differences between individual members of the species themselves.

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If you’re not familiar with infernal taxonomy, that’s not a good sign. How can you possibly protect yourself from the forces of the underworld if you don’t even know who the key players of hell are? You can’t. You my friend, are cruising for a bruising. Scheming for a fiending. Making designs for the diabolical demise. Lucky for you, I’ve decided to be a responsible adult and spent my time wisely by pouring over ancient grimoires and manuscripts in order to ascertain what devils I should be MOST afraid of.

And these infernal bastards take the satan cake.

The Gun Devil


Coming in hot is the Gun Devil, the devil brought into existence by the fear of guns. While many of the world’s most powerful devils are often the oldest devils (corresponding to age-old human fears) the Gun Devil gained cataclysmic levels of power in the modern era due to all the… you know, guns. The Gun Devil’s manifestation was responsible for one of the most significant losses of human life in history. This bastard killed 1,000,000 people in the span of five minutes. Diabolical.

The Control Devil

Makima staring out the window of a car in "Chainsaw Man"

The Control Devil aka Makima first showed her freaky powers when she sacrificed the lives of death row inmates in order to pancake-squash a terrorist organization in the span of a few minutes. And it only gets worse from there. Maxima’s abilities allow her to control any living being that she deems inferior to herself, allowing her to warp the minds of her underlings. Considering that she has the Chainsaw Devil—the most powerful devil of all in terms of brute strength—under her control, she may just be the deadliest devil on this list.

The Darkness Devil

The Darkness Devil being spooky in "Chainsaw Man"
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The Darkness Devil is a Primal Devil, meaning that he is quite literally old as hell. Stemming from humanity’s ancient fear of darkness, the Darkness Devil is able to destroy people just by looking at them. Seriously, if this thing eyes you, you will hemorrhage blood. Worse yet, the Darkness Devil is able to move at extreme speeds and is able to kill and dismember large crowds in the blink of an eye. Worst of all, it can envelop any area in total darkness. Not even a nightlight makes you safe.

The Chainsaw Devil

A little devil dog sits on a young man's lap in "Chainsaw Man"

While in its weakened form the Chainsaw Devil appears to be a cute little dog with a chainsaw for a nose, the Chainsaw Devil’s true for strikes fear into the hearts of even hell’s denizens. When a devil dies, it goes back to hell and then reincarnates, allowing it to effectively live forever. However, if a devil is killed by the Chainsaw Devil, that devil is unable to reincarnate and dies FOREVER. Even devils are afraid of chainsaws I suppose.

The Hell Devil

The Hell Devil as a six fingered hand in "Chainsaw Man"
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The Hell devil is also old as hell. Or at least as old as organized religion. His regular form is bad enough: a flaming centaur-looking dude. But his OTHER form is what makes him truly horrifying. As the Hell Devil, he has the ability to drag souls to hell, and he does this by turning into a giant, six-fingered hand. Ew.

The Doll Devil

The Doll Devil staring vacant eyed in "Chainsaw Man"
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The Doll Devil has the eerie ability to create a seemingly infinite amount dolls that are able to do their bidding. To make matters worse, the Doll Devil’s dolls are able to turn human beings into dolls simply by touching them. The Doll Devil is currently in a contract with a psychopath who calls herself Santa Claus. You know how they say Santa Claus can see you when you’re sleeping and knows when you’re awake? That’s because this particular Santa Claus can transfer her consciousness into any one of her numerous dolls. She’s always watching.

The Falling Devil

The falling devil talking and smiling in "Chainsaw Man"
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The Falling Devil is the second Primal Devil to appear in the series after the Darkness Devil. Humans have been afraid of falling to our deaths ever since our ancestors lived high up in the treetops. The Falling Devil isn’t just able to make people slip and fall over like an infernal banana peel – she also has the ability to control gravity. She can make her victims fall upwards into the sky. Nightmare fuel.

The Famine Devil

A young woman with headphones and red eyes stares at the camera in "Chainsaw Man"
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The Famine Devil (“Fami” for short) is one of the infamous Four Horsemen who waged war on the Chainsaw Devil in the pits of hell. While one might think that the War Devil’s weapon-making ability eclipses Fami in power, one would be wrong. Embodying the fear of starvation, the Famine Devil is able to brainwash and mind-control anyone who is hungry. Fami doesn’t have to fight anyone, she simply needs to wait around until they get peckish. Which for most people happens at least three times a day! If you’re like me, you’re never NOT hungry. The perfect target. Her abilities are so powerful that she is even able to control Primal Devils like the Falling Devil. If you intend to see her, bring a snack.

The Death Devil

While the Death Devil has yet to be introduced (or even pictured) in the series, one can guess that it is the most powerful devil in existence. After all, there is nothing more scary to a human being than their own mortality. This Devil is known by other characters as “The Great King of Terror”, and is said to be the oldest and strongest of the Four Horseman. I’m getting a strong “final antagonist” vibe from this character.

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