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The Sixth Gun Casts its Villainous Villainess Missy Hume

i swear by my pretty floral bonnet i will end you

I’m interested in the putative The Sixth Gun adaptation for a number of reasons. I mean, the fact that it’s a paranormal western featuring fantasy tropes from the undead to the mythical thunderbirds doesn’t hurt it much. But it also prominently features a young female character with what promises to be a hero’s journey of a story arc from farm girl to gunslinger. Laura Ramsey has been tapped to fill that lead role of Becky Montcrief, who winds up allying herself with shifty gunslinger Drake Sinclair and his friend Bill John O’Henry for protection and help putting the terrible secrets and powers of the Six guns to rest.

Naturally, any good western has its unambiguously evil gunslingers as well, and one of them, Missy Hume, “widow” of the undead General Oliander Bedford Hume, was cast this week.

Elena Satine, who might be familiar to Smallville fans as Mera of Atlantis, has been tapped to play Hume. Here’s what Cullen Bunn, the writer of The Sixth Gun comic series on which the television show is based, had to say about her back when the comic was just debuting:

She’s near and dear to my heart, because she is just so damned awful. She’s a driving force of the series, and her vileness is something of a slow burn. Once it reveals itself in all its glory, readers will be booing and hissing. She’s the proud owner of one of the magic guns, too, and it makes her very dangerous.

Deadline’s announcement describes her thusly:

A powerful Madame who runs the town of Brimstone kept unnaturally youthful by being in possession of the Fifth Gun. A cold stunningly beautiful woman of great cunning, she is unafraid to use whatever means to collect all Six Guns for her own dark purposes.

The titular Six Guns bond with their wielders for life, and each have a singular power, like firing with the force of a cannon shot, setting targets on fire, spreading a supernatural disease, and raising the undead. This announcement seems to round out much of the main cast of the show. Perhaps we’ll hear about shooting — I mean — filming soon?

(via Deadline.)

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