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The Only Thing More Embarrassing Than Trump’s Super Bowl Tweet Is All the Republicans Rushing to Defend It

Donald Trump gives a stupid wave.

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Yesterday, the Kansas City Chiefs won the first Super Bowl the team had made it to in 50 years. Now, if you’re not familiar with the area, you might be under the impression that Kansas City is located in Kansas. I’ve lived here for three years and I still have friends and family back home occasionally ask me how things are in Kansas. This is made equally confusing because there is a Kansas City, Kansas, and it’s literally right next to Kansas City, Missouri. If you don’t live in the Midwest, getting the two mixed up is an easy mistake to make and not a particularly egregious one. Unless you’re the President of the United States. Then you should know better and if you don’t, you should expect a little public shaming.

Here’s what Donald Trump tweeted following last night’s Chiefs’ win:

The tweet was deleted and replaced with one reading “the great state of Missouri” but the internet screenshots and the internet doesn’t forget. Even worse than the original mistake were the people falling over themselves to defend it.

Schlapp there is the chairman of the American Conservative Union and while he may be from Wichita, Kansas, he and his wife live in a $3 million mansion in Alexandria, Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC. So his tweet is both hypocritical and also totally irrelevant to the conversation. Yes, Kansas City, Kansas is in Kansas. But the Kansas City Chiefs are located in Missouri. Not that they don’t have tons of fans on both side of the state line, but you don’t have to be “east coast establishment” to recognize that Trump was wrong.

Again, this isn’t that big of a mistake, especially by Trump tweet standards. But the sycophantic response from his supporters insisting that he was right and the only people who could disagree are coastal elitists who hate the heartland is truly shameful.

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