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A New Featurette Tracks The Old Guard Through History and Answers Some Burning Questions

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In case you missed it before, we really loved The Old Guard over here at the Mary Sue. From the awesomeness of the film overall to that wonderful queer love story, it’s our favorite action flick of the summer and we’re hungry for more adventures from Andromache the Scythian and her crew.

Thankfully, Netflix has come through with a new featurette that tells us the story of the members of the Old Guard through the ages:

I love this a lot. For one. I will happily watch Charlize Theron do just about anything for hours. But more, I love seeing the full story laid out like this. This confirms and expands on what we know from the movie: that Andromache was basically Xena for a good long time, traveling the world and fighting for good as the “eternal warrior.” But more importantly, it addresses one of the biggest questions that The Old Guard never answered: how old is Andy, really?

Well, this feature, which contains illustrations and information from The Old Guard comics (written by Greg Rucka) confirms that Andy is over 6,000 years old. It also tells us more about how Andy and Quynh found Lykon, and where: during Alexander the Great’s conquest of Judea in 331 BC. We don’t know when exactly Lykon died, but that does give us more information about him.

We also learn Joe and Nicky’s full names: Nicolo of Genoa and Yusuf Ibrahim Al-Kaysani, who met trying to kill each other in the Crusades and the siege of Jerusalem in 1099. Also fully named: Sébastien Lelivre, who was killed first in 1812 for attempted desertion of the Napoleonic army. And yeah, I love that of all the modernized named, that “Le Livre” which means “the book” in French has become “Booker.”

Now, all of what we learn in this featurette is available in The Old Guard comics, but for those of us who are less comics-literate, this is a great explainer on many of the details that didn’t make it into the movie or were spread out across the runtime. I would honestly watch an entire prequel series about Andy and Co.’s adventures of the ages, can we get on that please, Netflix? Or at least greenlight the sequel?

(image: Netflix)

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