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Who is The Armorer? Meet The Most Badass Blacksmith in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

She is the way.

The Armorer The Mandalorian

As a Forged in Fire enthusiast, I’m a little bit of a blacksmith myself. I keep thinking that one day I’ll actually try my hand at forging something. It’s a dream of mine to make a kukari, a chakram, or possibly a piece of armor. The art of smithing is so intrinsically cool to me, I will watch almost anything if a forge is involved.

While watching The Mandalorian, I literally had to contain myself when I saw a smith in my beloved Star Wars universe. It was the mashup I didn’t know I needed. Here I was thinking I was fulfilled with Jedi, Sith, and backpacks with jets. However, when the Mandalorian blacksmith appeared, I almost screamed in excitement and wondered how I had lived this long without her. But who is this hammer-wielding goddess?

The Armorer makes the Mandalorians

Din Djarin, the titular character in The Mandalorian, is part of a group of Mandalorians called the Tribe. They are part of the subgroup of Mandalorians that follow the Way or Creed of Mandalore. The Tribe adheres to a strict code of conduct, including never removing their masks in front of other living beings (which makes me have a lot of questions about how they get intimate with other beings). When Din (Pedro Pascal) returned to his home base, we first met the mysterious blacksmith known only as the Armorer (Emily Swallow). Her gold, horned helmet sets her apart from most Madanlorians.

The Armorer crafts the signature armor of the Mandalorians. She is also the one that created Din’s signet to represent his tribe of two with his adoptive son, Grogu. However, she’s more than someone who just makes the armor. She is the moral center of the Tribe and reminds them of the Creed they all follow. In a culture that reveres armor, it only makes sense that a smith would be a keeper of the traditions. She gave Din the quest to find Grogu’s people. When the Tribe comes together, they gather around her forge. She reminds them of their path and how the Night of a Thousand Tears was caused by leaders who didn’t follow the Way.

Din confessed to the Armorer that he had removed his helmet in front of another person, and she cast him out. Taking pity on Din, the Armorer said the Creed allowed redemption only by visiting the living waters of Mandalore.

Wise and talented, the Armorer is such an unexpected and cool character. Oh, and she’s a total badass who can wield her hammer to make an amazing helmet or take down anyone who threatens her.

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