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The Mary Sue/Geekosystem PAX East 2011 Harmonix Giveaway!


Calling all attendees of PAX East! We’ve got three sets of Harmonix goodies to give away, including hats, stickers, pins, bottle openers, wrist bands, track packs, some DLC codes thrown in for good measure, and signed copies of the very first software titles that the makers of Rock Band ever put out (hint, it’s not Rock Band). How do you sign up?

You find us.

Well, me. Susana, the official The Mary Sue/Geekosystem PAX representative, at this weekend’s PAX East, at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Tickets are sold out, so I hope you’ve got yours already. How are you going to find me?

I’ll be the chick with a bag covered in these: 

And when you find me, you can have one of them.  Or one of these:

So yes, find me, receive a sticker or button of your choice, and leave me your e-mail for the random drawing we’ll do for the Harmonix swag.

I will facilitate this by tweeting my general whereabouts on @the_marysue, whether it’s console freeplay, rolling dice, waiting in line to try the 3DS, rocking out in the freeplay stage, or finally seeing what the heck is up with this Dance Central craziness.

So follow @the_marysue and find me at PAX! In the real-ass meatspace, monkeyspherical world.

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