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Two Teenage Girls Against the Zombie Apocalypse in The Last of Us DLC


The Last of Usfirst story DLC, “Left Behind,” is doing something that the mainstream video games industry (not to mention a lot of science fiction and fantasy storytelling intended for the mainstream) is still vary wary of: telling a story about teenage girls. That is, one that isn’t purposefully exaggerated, contains elements of parody, or intends the main character to at least partially be a focal point for the male gaze. The zombie game genre has seen fast zombies, slow zombies, zombies on vacation, has let us kill them as a team, with crazily improvised weapons, and in space. But it’s the presence of a calmly and realistically girl that really sets The Last of Us and The Walking Dead apart.

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Also did I mention that Assassin’s Creed: Liberation, the only Assassin’s Creed game to star a woman (and a woman of color, no less) is out on consoles and PC this week?

(via Digital Spy.)

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