Moiraine Damodred and Siuan Sanche, played by Rosamund Pike and Sophie Okonedo almost kiss in Prime Video's The Wheel of Time.

The Heartbreaking Story of Moiraine and Siuan Shows No Signs of Stopping on ‘The Wheel of Time’

I can’t stand to see my mothers unhappy.

The second season of Prime Video’s The Wheel of Time, based on the book series of the same name by author Robert Jordan, is officially finished. 

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If the first season, which aired in 2021, served mostly as an introduction to the characters and the intricate world they move through, this second season started to dive into the thick of the plot—and it really has been quite a ride.

Things, of course, were looking very heated for the season finale from where we left the story in episode 7. But, to be honest, there were few things I cared about more than knowing what was in store for Moiraine, played by Rosamund Pike, and Siuan, played by Sophie Okonedo, who happen to be two of my favorite characters on the show, as well as probably my favorite relationship, and also incidentally my actual mothers.

*** The following article will contain spoilers for the entire second season of The Wheel of Time, so be warned.***

The first season of The Wheel of Time revealed to us the romantic relationship between Moiraine Sedai, the very first Aes Sedai we saw on the screen and the one who ends up discovering the Dragon Reborn, and Siuan Sanche, the Amyrlin Seat, the leader of all Aes Sedai and one of the most powerful women in The Wheel of Time‘s story world. 

Still, the two didn’t spend much time on screen together, both of them tied up in their respective duties and missions—and the flashback at the beginning of the seventh episode of season two, “Daes Dae’mar,” showed us why, in an absolutely devastating and heartbreaking way that still has me reeling.

In the flashback, we see a young(er) Moiraine and Siuan, dressed in the blue of their Ajah, walk through the hallways of the Tower of Tar Valon and talk about their plans for the rest of their lives. They’ll serve out their duties as advisors to this or that monarch and then retire, spending their final years happily together. And of course, if there’s one thing that you can count on when it comes to storytelling, it’s that the second two characters start making plans for their future, everything is about to go up in metaphorical (or literal, that too) flames.

In the case of Moiraine and Siuan, the wrench in their plans comes from their fellow Blue sister, Gitara Sedai. Moiraine and Siuan look on as Gitara is overtaken by a vision, which happens at the same time as Rand al’Thor, the Dragon Reborn, is born during the final battle of the Aiel War. That single revelation—that the Dragon walks the world again and that the Last Battle against the Dark One is coming very soon—completely rearranges both Moiraine and Siuan’s priorities.

We see the effects of that in the present, and especially in this season’s seventh episode. Moiraine’s secret mission of traveling the world to find the Dragon Reborn comes from that fateful moment, as well as Siuan’s ascent to Amyrlin—all with the ultimate aim of bringing the Dragon to the Tower and making sure that the Tower was also ready to deal with him.

Maybe it’s because I’m always a sucker for a good “the love was there, but it was not enough” story, especially if it’s about love clashing with duty, devotion to a higher cause, or the greater good, but discovering that Moiraine and Siuan gave up their chance at true happiness together to serve the Light was devastating—although it’s perfectly in character.

It hurts even more—and so it makes for excellent storytelling, because what’s a good story without all that delicious conflict?—now that we see how stepping onto this path has maybe driven a wedge between them that they cannot work through. 

Mistrust has started to creep in, with Siuan doubting whether or not Moiraine was actually Stilled considering she saw her channeling as if nothing had changed—not knowing what Moiraine went through when she faced off against Ishamael with Rand and what Lan discovered about her being bound away from the One Power, rather than being cut off completely—and Moiraine growing harsher and more secretive than ever, constantly unsure of who to trust, and hellbent on fulfilling her mission of helping Rand defeat the Dark One.

I had hoped that the season finale might have shown us a glimpse of how Siuan was doing after parting ways with Moiraine in Cairhiern, but instead, we’ll have to wait to see the consequences of that night in the upcoming third season of The Wheel of Time. And while I want nothing more than for this conflict to be resolved, I have to say—I have my doubts. Pretty massive doubts, actually. I have not read the books yet, but I have heard some things through the Great Fandom Grapevine™. Please, just give my mothers a break.

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