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It’s Mostly Men Buying The Force Awakens Tickets. So Far, Anyway.


A lot of folks, including yours truly, succumbed to the hype machine that is Star Wars: The Force Awakens and pre-ordered tickets online as soon as they became available. According to data released by Movio, most of those ticket pre-orders got placed by men between the ages of 18-49, with an average age of 34.

Now, I’m sure Movio’s detailed records about credit card information are correct, if a bit terrifying (how did they get this data, exactly?) — but it sure doesn’t match up with my own purely anecdotal experience. Apparently, I’m in a minority, but I sure did stay up late on the night after the trailer came out, endlessly refreshing Fandango and AMC and in the hopes that a ticket reservation for me (and three of my loved ones) would go through, only to eventually give up, go to sleep, then wake up and place a successful order early the next morning. Yep, I’m the one who stayed up late and woke up early to deal with those tickets, as opposed to my boyfriend, who went to sleep, just like any typical person who doesn’t particularly care either way if we get to see Star Wars the week it comes out or maybe sometime later on.

I assume I am among friends here, though. Which of us non-dudes placed our own orders for The Force Awakens tickets? Regardless of who in your household placed the pre-order, I feel pretty certain that The Force Awakens is a four-quadrant film. Maybe dudes still get relegated to the staying-up-late chores in most households, even in today’s modern times of chore distribution … but that doesn’t mean the whole household isn’t planning to go to the movie together, right?

(via The Hollywood Reporter, image via Imgur)

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