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The Footage From the “Area 51 Raid” Is Already Priceless

Please no one get hurt so this can continue to be hilarious.

Today is the day when people across the country—and maybe across the world—have come together en masse for one of our generation’s most important causes. What? No, I’m not talking about the climate strike (which just so happens be seeing some impressive turnouts today). I’m talking about the Area 51 raid joke that started as a silly Facebook event, became a meme, and has turned into a very real crowd of people at Nevada’s secretive Area 51 military base who want to see them aliens.

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Yes, it seems there are actually some people out there taking the Area 51 raid seriously—and then there are the people just hanging around not actually Naruto-running towards the facility like the absolute hero in the video above. At the end of a relatively mundane live news segment from the facility, around the 1:07 mark, one brave runner can be seen already making the whole thing worthwhile. Honestly, why even go if you’re not going to really commit?

Hopefully we’ll never find out whether running like Naruto will actually enable a crowd people to actually dodge bullets from the also very real security around the facility that’s actually been increased as a result of the impending “raid,” because I don’t think any of us would like the answer. Attendees playing it safer can be seen chanting for the government to “tell us the truth” about aliens, with at least one person representing the wrong anime for the occasion:

Again, though, the government is also taking it seriously, so I hope everyone stays safe out there:

Although, what if that was the plan all along!?

Anyway, it’s kind of a fun time for all of this to be happening, even if it’s harmless nonsense, what with the Navy once again talking about videos containing “unidentified aerial phenomena”—even if it’s still not likely that those videos are evidence that aliens have been cruising around our planet for kicks/experiments/evil or whatever it is that aliens do. We’ll definitely keep our eyes on this throughout the day for more hilarity—er, to finally see some aliens!

Although, maybe the climate strike, though far less funny, is a better use of your time today, because unless those aliens would be willing to let us all move back home with them, they’re not going to be much help to us anyway.

(via Gizmodo, image: screengrab)

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