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The Flash Mob: Season 3, Episode 12: This Week, Team Flash Is “Untouchable”

The doomsday clock is still ticking for Iris in this week’s episode of The Flash, but she still manages to get locked into another damsel-in-distress plot. Strap in for some spoilers, folks! It’s time to dish about last night’s episode.

Maybe it’s unfair for me to call this a damsel-in-distress episode, since plenty of other characters end up in distress this week, but Iris has been dealing with storylines like this for a while and we’re getting pretty tired of it. Anyway, this week’s antagonist is a totally disposable villain whose only motivation is revenge, even though his powers are incredible enough that he could think way bigger than that if he wanted to. His powers inspired the “Untouchable” title this week, since he can touch people and cause their bodies to start disintegrating.

It’s pretty spooky stuff, but it’s also hard to get too invested in a villain like this when we already know that our heroes’ lives are… well, untouchable. Everybody was in peril at one point or other during this episode, but were you ever really worried that any of these characters would die? Spoiler alert: they survive. Yay!

That said, we all know that somebody’s going to die sooner or later, thanks to Iris’ upcoming date with doomsday. That didn’t happen in this week’s episode, but we all know it’s on the calendar. Even if Team Flash manages to save her from her fate, some other character will die in her place, because that’s just how these sorts of things tend to go. Who do you think it will be? Wally? Joe? Or maybe Iris after all?

That might be a more interesting question to consider than anything that happened in this week’s episode, which was entertaining but didn’t really advance any long-term storylines. What do we think, folks?

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