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The Doctor Reminds Us to Be Brave and, Well, Listen to Doctors


Doctor Who season 11 episode 1 review

Right now, we’re in a weird timeline where celebrities are singing John Lennon’s “Imagine” at us or doing push-up contests (I’m not mad about that one). It’s a weird time, and watching them try to give us hope of weathering this crisis, in which so many are worried about having what they need, from their big mansions is … not exactly uplifting.

But at least some of their efforts to raise our spirits are working, although we’d certainly be open to more tangible assistance. First, Jake Johnson started to send messages as Peter B. Parker from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse to kids in quarantine, and now, we’re getting emergency transmissions from the Doctor!

Alerting us that the TARDIS must have picked up an emergency signal that people are worried about something, the Doctor had this to say:

1. Remember that you will get through this and things will be alright. Even if it looks uncertain, even if you’re worried, darkness never prevails. 2. Tell jokes, even bad ones. Especially bad ones. I’m brilliant at bad ones. 3. Be kind. Even kinder than you were yesterday and I know you were super kind yesterday. Look out for each other. You won’t be the only one worried. Talking will help, sharing will help. Look out for your friends, your neighbors, people you hardly know, and family. Cause in the end, we’re all family. 4. Listen to science and listen to doctors. Right? They’ve got your back. 5. Stay strong, stay positive. You’ve got this and I will see you very soon.

No matter how the adults in the room feel about these various efforts, these characters are icons for children. Yes, we love Spider-Man and the Doctor as adults, but they’re characters meant to inspire younger generations, and sending messages to fans and reassuring kids who are stuck inside is a wonderful use of their star power.

Honestly though, the Doctor is right. It’s a time to be brave, care for each other, and most importantly, listen to science.

(image: BBC)

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