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Tom Holland Doing the Push-Up Challenge? Yes Please

Peter Parker/Spider-Man wears Tony Stark/Iron Man's glasses in Spider-Man: Far From Home

In the time of corona, it’s about the little things. And one of those things is the push-up challenge that is providing me with content to get through the darkness. Now Tom Holland has undertaken it and I thank the gods. Especially because he asked that Robert Downey Jr. do it. (I need that content YESTERDAY.) It also helps that Tom Holland is clearly bored and keeps posting on Instagram, leading to my endless entertainment.

The challenge is simple: Do ten push-ups and then ask someone else to do ten push-ups. Many have done it. First I saw of it, my friend Brandon Davis posted it on his story and I had to try and figure out if there was anything else to it. (Not that I can tell but also I just get distracted by people doing push-ups so … not entirely my fault.)

Tom Holland decided to nominate a laundry list of people and then do push-ups that only Spider-Man could achieve. Or maybe he was trying to teach himself how to fly, who is to say. Anyway, Twitter went a little wild because when doesn’t Twitter go wild when Tom Holland posts things?

This is the kind of content that I have going for me, this is what I’ve been waiting for—because if this weren’t here, I’d run out of shows to catch up on and then just stare at the ceiling and no one wants that for me and my brain. Imagine the nonsense I’d come up with then!

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