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The Deadly Sue: TMS Plays The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 2.4

Welcome back to our latest Let’s Play episode of The Walking Dead: Michonne, in which our heroines Michonne and Samantha are still on the run from Randall and also hordes of the undead.

In last week’s episode, we left off with Michonne and Samantha narrowly escaping from Randall and his underlings, on their way to Samantha’s father’s house. This involved a precarious climb up a tower of metal scaffolding to reach a cliffside. During the climb, Michonne and Samantha were sitting ducks for Randall’s bullets, and Samantha got hit in the shoulder with a well-aimed pistol bullet. They still managed to reach the cliff and evade Randall, however, with the metal tower collapsing behind them, preventing their enemies from following the same route.

While Randall and company go the long way around to find Michonne and Samantha, the journey towards Samantha’s father continues. Samantha keeps claiming her dad’s house is “not far” from them, but she’s been saying that for a while now. She seems to be doing all right compared to last week’s episode; she’s walking and talking again, albeit with some difficulty due to her wound.

As she and Michonne walk together, Samantha shares the story of how she ran into Randall, Norma, and their gang. Samantha admits that she stole from Norma a couple of times and got caught, which is why Norma doesn’t trust her. (Samantha doesn’t admit to being the orchestrator behind the entire duffel bag hustle, but it seems likely.) Soon Samantha admits she’s only talking to stave off the pain of her gunshot wound; she isn’t doing as well as she looks. Michonne reaches out to support Samantha’s weight as they walk together and keeps asking Samantha questions to keep her conscious.

Samantha tells Michonne what her family’s like. Her dad was a lawyer, “so I never won any arguments with him.” (That sounds like a bad sign.) She’s also got two more brothers, James and Alex, who are going to be “destroyed” when they find out Greg is dead. Samantha is also afraid of how her father will react when he learns that Greg is dead. Then she passes out, and Michonne has to carry her the rest of the way, while stabbing the occasional aggro zombie in the eye.

Samantha’s dad’s house appears on the horizon at last. When Michonne reaches it, she realizes it’s surrounded by zombie-proofing traps and tripwires. Luckily Michonne can avoid these, but the zombies don’t. Michonne gets to the gate of the house, which a woman opens with a gun drawn. The woman fires a bullet at Michonne’s feet as a warning (seems like a big waste of bullets during an apocalypse, but okay). She then sees that Michonne has Samantha slung over her shoulders. In spite of this, the woman is reluctant to let them in, but agrees.

Once inside the house, the woman and Michonne enter a living room area where two small boys react with shock and horror at Samantha’s bleeding body. These are Alex and James, Samantha’s two younger brothers. Michonne asks James if there’s a first aid kit in the house. He says “kind of?” She orders him to go get it.

The first aid kit contains some tape, an aspirator, a small bottle of vodka, some small pliers, and a couple other tools. At this point the game becomes Surgeon Simulator, except luckily it’s a little easier than that game. There are very few instructions about which objects to use, but apparently you need the aspirator and the pliers in order to remove the bullet. After the bullet’s removed, Michonne looks over at the red hot poker next to the roaring fireplace. She tells the woman to grab it so they can cauterize the wound.

Michonne looks Samantha in the eye and tells her how much this next bit will hurt. She tells Samantha’s family members to hold her down, and they comply. Then, it’s cauterizin’ time! Michonne gets halfway through before getting interrupted by a man running into the roomSamantha’s dad, probably?

At first, he thinks Michonne is hurting his daughter, but within a couple of seconds he realizes what’s happened and steps in to help. Michonne manages to finish cauterizing the wound. Soon, Samantha passes out, presumably from the pain … hopefully she isn’t dead, because that would be a depressing anticlimax.

Samantha doesn’t wake up and her dad starts getting accusatory with Michonne. He demands to know what happened to his daughter. Okay, so does this dude know there’s an apocalypse outside? Does he know that his daughter was out stealing supplies for his family? Surely he does know this, and also knows how incredibly dangerous that is. I mean, he gets to be sad about his family members dying, and all, but should he really be surprised, given how precarious their situation is? Why blame Michonne for that???

Anyway, Michonne tells the man that Samantha took a bullet for her. This isn’t quite accurate, since Randall was shooting at both of them, but Samantha’s dad doesn’t need to know all the details yet. Or maybe he does, because that answer doesn’t satisfy him. Then, one of Samantha’s little brothers asks, “Where’s Greg?” Uh-oh. I have a feeling we just got off on the wrong foot with Samantha’s family, even though we just saved Samantha’s life (hopefully)!

Michonne breaks the bad news about Greg to the family, all of whom burst into tears and console one another. They don’t seem angry at her, at least not quite yet. We’ll have to find out next week!

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