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The Deadly Sue: TMS Plays The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 2.3

Welcome back to the Deadly Sue, our Let’s Play of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: Michonne! Our apologies for the brief hiatus; we were busy fighting off hordes of the undead. Metaphorically. You know how it is.

Last time, we left off with escaping captives Michonne and Samantha trying to meet up with Samantha’s dad, who lives in a remote cabin. Randall, their captor and the game’s antagonist, has just caught up with our heroines. He’s got a gun and some other baddies in tow. Doesn’t look good, folks.

Samantha leads Michonne to a “shortcut” to her dad’s house, but she warns, “you’re not gonna like it.” It involves climbing some dismal metal scaffolding up to reach a clifftop. So, yeah, we’re not gonna like it. The structure creaks and moans as Michonne and Samantha climb onwards and upwards. Although Michonne tries to choose her path carefully, one of the metal beams still breaks, resulting in some harrowed quicktime event button-pressing.

While Michonne’s hanging precariously from a broken, swinging metal beam, Randall catches up to them on the ground and hollers out to his underlings to take aim at them. Michonne pressures Samantha to continue on without her; Samantha scrambles further up the structure. Michonne manages to regain her balance and follow after her. Down below, Randall draws his machine gun, takes aim, and then reconsiders and draws his pistol and starts shooting with that (for better precision, presumably). The two heroines weave through the metal beams while dodging bullets. Holy moly, this action sequence is tense as hell!

That tension ramps up even further when Samantha gets hit by a well-aimed bullet from Randall’s pistol. It appears to pierce her in the chest, but she’s still standing, so perhaps it only grazed her. No time to get a good look, because the entire metal structure has begun to collapse, slowly teetering to the ground. Luckily–insofar as anything about this situation is “lucky”–the structure falls in the direction of Randall and his cohorts, who have to run out of the way, putting a little more distance between them and our heroines. Plus, now they can’t climb up after them.

As the structure falls, Michonne encourages Samantha to jump off of it onto the nearby cliff; that’s the place the pair was trying to climb to in the first place, and they still might make it. Somehow, they both land safely on the cliffside. Well … Michonne lands safely. Samantha looks badly hurt, either from the gunshot wound, or the jump from the scaffolding, or both. Michonne uses Samantha’s flannel shirt to bandage and compress the injury (looks like a shoulder injury), then half-walks and half-carries Samantha away from the area.

Unfortunately, Randall and his cohorts still have guns and they’re still on the trail. They may not be able to use the now-collapsed scaffolding to follow; they’ll have to take the long way around. But they’re still in pursuit, and that can’t be good. We’ll see what happens next time!

If you’d like to catch up on the archives of our Let’s Play, you can do so via The Deadly Sue tag, or via the playlist on our YouTube channel.

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