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The Deadly Sue: TMS Plays The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 2.2


Last week, we kickstarted our Let’s Play of the second chapter of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: Michonne. In last week’s episode, we left off with Michonne escaping Randall and Norma’s clutches with her new ally, an impulsive teen girl named Samantha. Michonne and Samantha made a break for it by way of a stolen motorboat, while Michonne’s friend and fellow captive Pete stayed behind to “distract” Randall and Norma. As for whether he’s still alive, we still don’t know.

In the course of her escape, Michonne accidentally set Randall and Norma’s entire camp on fire with a flare gun. I have a feeling that won’t be considered an “accident” by Michonne’s enemies. The fire looks pretty serious in the opening shot of this week’s episode. Michonne expresses her concern that they won’t be able to go back and save Pete because of this. Samantha reveals some new and interesting information about herself: she has a dad (!), and his house is nearby (!!), so they can hide out there (!?).

Samantha’s father lives very nearby indeed. As the pair pulls ashore, the fire from the nearby camp can still be seen easily in the distance. Unfortunately, this place is also packed with zombies, all of whom are attracted to the light of the fire at the nearby camp.

A hail of mysterious gunshots takes out some of the oncoming zombies, and almost hits Samantha and Michonne as well. Michonne speculates that those gunshots are coming from Norma’s underlings, who must be right on their tail. She then suggests to Samantha that they escape by walking through the zombie horde, deep into the woods. But how will they get past the undead? Put a zombie on a leash and make it walk with them so that the other zombies won’t take any notice of them. Obviously!

Michonne’s “zombie pets” are a running staple of this series, although The Walking Dead: Michonne doesn’t bother to explain why this method works (it supposedly masks human scent, as TWD fans know already). After Michonne has leashed two zombies—one for Samantha and one for herself—the pair of women walk through the hordes unscathed and unnoticed. As Michonne walks through the crowd, she experiences another PTSD flashback and thinks she sees her two children among the zombies. Samantha asks her what’s wrong, but she chooses not to open up about it.

Once Samantha and Michonne have almost made it past all of the zombies, via their leash disguise method, Randall pulls up in a boat and shoots both of their zombie pets. Michonne and Samantha drop the leashes and make a run for it. And that’s it for this week!

If you’d like to catch up on all the episodes up to this point, you can find them via The Deadly Sue tag here, or you can watch the entire playlist in order on our YouTube channel.

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