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The Deadly Sue: TMS Plays The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 2.1


The second chapter of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: Michonne mini-series just came out, which means it’s time for another round of The Deadly Sue! If you missed our play-through of the first chapter, you’ll want to go through the videos here or watch the playlist on our YouTube channel.

At the top of this video, host Sam Riedel reminds us all what happened in the previous chapter: Michonne met a couple of youngsters named Samantha and Greg who claimed to be on the run from a group of dangerous scavengers. Unfortunately, those scavengers caught up with our heroes and captured them all, which resulted in Greg getting shot by accident (by Zachary), then zombified. Michonne killed zombie-Greg by bashing his head in with a loose pipe.

This time around, Sam hopes that we’ll find out more about Michonne’s past, and the maybe-dead children she abandoned, who still haunt her. She also hopes we’ll be able to keep Samantha alive, since we already lost Greg.

The game also gives us a previously-on segment up top, which mostly serves as a reminder that the boat Michonne and her friend Pete rode in the early episodes had a banjo on it. Musical instruments seem pretty sparse in the post-apocalyptic world, so we should probably go back and get that banjo. Let’s re-introduce some joy into the lives of these characters, y’know?

Chapter Two starts right where the end of Chapter One left off. Samantha confronted Zachary over killing Greg, and attempted to pull a gun on him. Michonne stopped Samantha from pulling the trigger by tackling her; Samantha dropped the gun, so now Zachary has it again.

Zachary puts the gun away, then offers to help Michonne stand back up. She doesn’t take his hand, instead telling him that if he really wants to help, he should facilitate their escape. Zachary says he’ll do what he can. Zachary’s boyfriend, Jonas, runs in and sees Greg’s body on the floor. He doesn’t seem as phased by the idea of his boyfriend accidentally killing a kid as you’d think he would be.

Jonas and Zachary distract a guard so that Samantha and Michonne can make their way up to the deck where Pete’s still tied up. They wait on the stairs for Norma and Randall to leave, then Michonne rushes up to grab some weapons and let Pete go. Unfortunately, Norma and Randall come back before Michonne can untie Pete.

Luckily, Samantha springs out of nowhere and tackles Norma from behind. Randall goes for a machine gun, but Michonne manages to disarm him via kicking and sword-wielding (a.k.a. quicktime events). Samantha, Pete, and Michonne head to the shoreline, hoping to find a boat to steal. Pete grabs a dagger on his way. Someone must have seen them escaping because the alarm horn starts blaring. (Did Zachary betray them? Or Jonas? Doesn’t seem like Norma could’ve woken up and rung the bell in time …)

The trio sneaks aboard a dark, empty ferry. Michonne spots a smaller motorboat in the distance that would suit their purposes much better, but how will they get to it? Samantha suggests killing everybody in their path, but that seems a bit optimistic. Pete offers to be the distraction so that Samantha and Michonne can escape without him. Which plan should Michonne choose? This is one of those rapid-fired decisions that has no “right” answer. Michonne chooses to let Pete be the distraction.

Michonne and Samantha make it to the boat, but then the woman who drove the ferry that took them to this dock finds them and pulls a gun on them. Michonne pulls out her flare gun and aims it at the woman’s gun, then fires a flare, forcing her to drop the gun … but then the flare ricochets into a building, sparking a huge fire. Uh oh???

Luckily, Michonne and Samantha are on board that motorboat, so they can speed away super-fast from all the destruction they’ve accidentally caused. But I have a bad feeling that’s going to come back to haunt them. Did Pete survive his “distraction” while the gals escaped? We’ll have to find out next week!

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