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The Dark Tower Might Have a Home (On the Small Screen) at HBO

Cautiously Optimistic

More news about the adaptation of Stephen King‘s The Dark Tower, and more reasons to think that this might really be getting off the ground. Producer Brian Grazer just keeps spilling more details about the large-scale project, and now he says that at least the TV portion will have a home at HBO. As for the film … that is still up in the air.

Grazer is in the midst of promoting Universal‘s Tower Heist, which is why he’s talking to so many reporters, but that gives those reporters a really good opportunity to ask him about what’s really happening with this sweeping, three-movie, two-season TV series monster he’s been trying to create all year. Just this Monday, we were able to tell you that he said this thing was “gonna get made.” And now, the TV portion at least, could possibly be on premium cable channel HBO:

“We’re going to do [‘The Dark Tower’] with HBO,” Grazer told us. “We’ll do the TV with HBO, and we’ll do the movie with… to be determined. We’ll do it right.”

He also mentioned that Javier Bardem is still attached to play the lead, Roland Deschain. Universal already passed on this epic adaptation, but now that they’ve chopped the budget, will they reconsider? As long as there are Tower Heist junkets, there will be Dark Tower news, it seems. Bonus news: Yes, the Arrested Development series/movie is also still very much happening, and Grazer briefly discusses that in this clip from MTV Movies Blog:

(MTV Movies Blog via Geeks of Doom, Blastr)

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