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Rather Spoilery and Rather Rumor-y Spoiler/Rumor for The Dark Knight Rises

Fact From the Vapor of Nuance

We have to look at a lot of rumors every day, and decide whether they’re worth a post. Sometimes, things are so awesome that simply thinking about them, whether or not they look like they’re true, is fun. Sometimes things are so obviously false, and, even if they were true, meaningless, that you pass it up. This one… this one is just ever so slightly more fun than it is possibly false.

It could also be considered a huge TDKR spoiler, so journey on of your own free will. If you don’t want to be spoiled, then just contemplate the above picture, which we found by googling “batman wat.”

The news comes from, and they don’t exactly name their source or tell us what role it has in TDKR production. They have attempted to contact Warner Bros. to confirm the truth of their information, but the company declined to comment, which is apparently their policy regarding anything Christopher Nolan does.

Okay, now that I’ve separated the spoiler warning from the rest of this text by a couple paragraphs, I feel better about coming out and saying it:

According to HitFix, Liam Neeson stopped by the London studios where The Dark Knight Rises is being shot to film a scene.

Now! Here’s where things get slightly less spoilery. We already know that there will be Lazarus pits in this movie, and Josh Pence has been cast as “Young Ra’s al Ghul,” so we know that Ghul and his many, many ninjas and their weird organization will be featuring in the movie in some capacity.

Neeson’s appearance, if true, means one of two things, one distinctly more exciting and less likely, the other more mundane and probably true.

The first is that Nolan is finally putting an obviously supernatural character in his Batman mythos. Ra’s is going to use the Lazarus pit to recover from his injuries in Batman Begins and we will be introduced to the idea that he’s done this frequently hundreds of years.

The second is that there’s going to be some flashbacks. Like, one maybe. One that you could shoot in a day, so that your actor could jet off to go see the (latest) premier of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.

Friends can tell you I nearly jumped out of my seat a the midnight screening of Batman Begins when he revealed that he was Ghul instead of Henri Ducard. Either way, if true, it’ll be nice to see Liam Neeson reprise the role.

(HitFix via ScreenRant.)

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