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News Corp and Apple to Launch Subscription News App Feb. 2

Rumors have been swirling about The Daily for a while now, though nothing about Newscorp’s subscription-based magazine app for tablets was set in stone. That changes today, with a firm unveiling date of February, 2 2011. The invitation names Newscorp CEO Rupert Murdoch and Apple’s VP of internet service Eddy Cue as attendees at the announcement in New York.

Details are still scarce on the launch of The Daily, but it is expected to operate within the existing App Store but under a new pricing model. Ars Technica reports that the model will be based around a $0.99 per week subscription model. This would be a slight change from existing digital publications which typically charge per issue, with each being downloaded either as separate apps or using Apple’s in-app purchasing framework.

Given Newscorps backing for the project, its success or failure of The Daily will likely dictate the future of tablet and mobile publications. More to follow, of course.

(via Ars Technica)

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