Jeremy Allen White and Ayo Edebiri in 'The Bear'

I Have Questions About the Ending of ‘The Bear’ Season 3

This season of The Bear was all leading up to one decision for Syd (Ayo Edebiri) and … well, the ending left us a bit stunned. There is a lot to unpack with season 3, but let’s talk about what happened at the very end of it all.

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Spoilers ahead!

Syd and Carmy (Jeremy Allen White) went through a lot this season. He wasn’t listening to her ideas and was doing whatever he wanted with the restaurant, and she would try to navigate that but wasn’t voicing her frustrations with the situation. It led to Syd considering a job offer from Adam Shapiro (played by … Adam Shapiro). He wanted to fund a restaurant that he didn’t have to run, and Syd would have complete control of it.

While tempting, Syd didn’t agree to it right away because she was still loyal to Carmy and the team at The Bear. At the end of the season, Carmy, Syd, Richie (Ebon Moss-Bachrach), and some of the team from the restaurant go to a “funeral” dinner for Ever, the restaurant led by Chef Terry (Olivia Colman). When all is said and done and they are partying at Syd’s home, she sees the joy of everyone she loves from The Bear all together and has a panic attack about the decision she has to make.

That happens at the same time as Carmy gets a Google alert that the Chicago Tribune review of The Bear is up, and what we can see of it feels like a mixed review. The two are both upset, separate from each other, and the episode ends with a “To be continued” card. So … happy break until we have any kind of answer!

What does the death of Ever mean for The Bear?

When news broke that Chef Terry was closing the restaurant because she wanted to, it weighed on Carmy. Richie was upset for his friends from the season 2 episode “Forks,” but Ever was closing on Terry’s terms. Still, Carmy took it overly seriously, and going to the funeral dinner for the restaurant weighed heavily on him.

There, he saw his old boss (Joel McHale) who tormented him and refused to care that he hurt Carmy. So, getting news that his restaurant got an “okay” review had him screaming in the street as Syd had a panic attack over what decision she needed to make. And that’s where we were left off.

We don’t know what the future holds for The Bear, as Carmy is still not doing great and everyone keeps yelling at him about Claire (Molly Gordon), and Syd can’t decide if she should leave or stay. Happy however long of a wait until season 4 now!

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